Why to enter an award?

There is a lot of value to be had if you enter an award in online digital media. You can potentially receive a significant amount of recognition, publicity and automatic consumer trust. This can be very difficult to achieve on your own considering the vast amount of websites, apps and games that flood the Internet. This is why people need a trusted source to filter through all of the duplicate content to help them find those things that really add value. This is the goal of the Digital Media Awards, which aims to reward those with recognition who deserve it in the digital world.
Of course, the Digital Media Awards is great for consumers because it serves as a filter to reduce information overload. However, there are many benefits of entering an award from the perspective of the mobile app or digital business creator.

Local Recognition
One of the primary benefits of participating in and then receiving an award is the immediate recognition your company and product receive for a job well done. If you reside in the UK, there are few ways to do that better than with a local award competition such as the Digital Media Awards.
As people have a tendency to trust or want to give their money to local businesses or people, there is no denying that there is an advantage in being more well-known locally, otherwise, this would not be an effective marketing tactic. Being highly recognized at the Digital Media Awards will put you well on your way to gaining a significant amount of local recognition and trust.

Professional Recognition
Whilst local recognition is important, professional recognition is equally as important. When you enter an award like Digital Media Awards, it shows that you are serious about what you do. It also shows that you believe you are creating a product that deserves recognition above the rest. This says a lot about your company and how professional you are.
Additionally, when you receive an award of excellence at the Digital Media Awards, you are automatically granted the right to display the DMA logo on your website. You also give DMA the right to post information about your product or website on their site as well. Having your product or website featured on a high-ranking popular website does wonders for generating new interest in what your company is doing.
This is like being able to display your seal of approval. It immediately states that you are relevant, good at what you do, trustworthy and worth talking about. This is one the best types of online ‘referrals’ you could ever receive.
When you enter an award like the DMA’s, even if your company does not receive an award of excellence, you better yourself through learning about the competition that did. It is an outstanding opportunity for growth and development for companies. If your company is not at the level you would like, this is especially why you should enter an award. The amount of growth your company will experience will have you coming back each year to stay ahead of the curve.

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