Here’s an update about the Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions and Rules

  1. In submitting your application you agree to the following rules and terms.
  2. The competition is only open to the UK.
  3. The DMA is created, run and administered by Bing Digital Ltd.
  4. The fee for all applications is £120 (incl. VAT), and must be returned by cheque, made payable to “Bing Digital Ltd” with the application form.
  5. The fee and application must be sent per category entered.
  6. The judges decisions are final and may not be appealed or changed.
  7. Any website, game or application containing sexism, racism, religious prejudice, pornography, profanity, degradation of adults , children or animals, sell products or services that are illegal in the UK, or use any unoriginal content may not enter.
  8. In submitting your work to DMA, you allow us to showcase your work using screenshots on our website and link both to your work, and your website.
  9. The same site can be entered, nominated and even win more than one category.
  10. All winners and runners up will be notified. Unfortunately due to the volumes of entries, we cannot inform those who did not win.
  11. Winners will receive their award icon to use in print and on the web.
  12. Only winners of the DMA have permission to show the DMA logo which must be linked back to the DMA website.
  13. Bing Digital Ltd are forbidden to enter any of their clients into the DMA for any conflicts of interest.

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